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Putin points to U.S. strategic mistake

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Staff Writer | July 28, 2018
Restrictions of settlements in dollars is a mistake made by the United States, which undermines confidence in the dollar as in the reserve currency, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.
Vladimir Putin
Trade war   Russia does not renounce the dollar, says Putin
"As far as our US partners and restrictions introduced by them are concerned, including for settlements in dollars," the Russian leader said at a press conference following the results of the BRICS summit.

"I believe this is a major strategic mistake of our U.S. partners," the Russian President said, adding that the U.S. thereby undermines confidence in the dollar as in the reserve currency.

"Russia does not renounce the dollar as a universal reserve currency," TASS cited Putin as saying.

"We are not going to make any drastic moves, we are not going to renounce the dollar, we are using it and will use it as far as the financial authorities of the United States do not hamper the use of the dollar in settlements," Putin said.