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Puigdemont to head 'Together for Catalonia'

Staff Writer | November 14, 2017
Ousted Catalan president Carles Puigdemont is to stand as the main candidate for the PDeCAT party in the December 21 election.
Carles Puigdemont
Spain   Junts per Catalunya
The president, who remains "in exile" in Belgium, initially expressed interest in heading a combined pro-independence ticket.

However, since the ERC and CUP parties decided to stand separately in the election, Puigdemont will now head the PDeCAT list.

In fact, it will no longer be only PDeCAT but it will also include some independent candidates. The jailed president of the Catalan National Assembly, Jordi Sànchez, might be one of them.

Puigdemont and the other candidates intend to stand under the name 'Junts per Catalunya’ (Together for Catalonia), a similar name to the Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes) pro-independence coalition that the former president led in the Catalan Parliament.

The Spanish authorities dissolved his government in October 2017, and Puigdemont and some of his ministers sought refuge abroad.

Three pro-independence parties, three unionists and one in between will face off against each other.

While the main parties in favor of independence are now very unlikely to run in a coalition, they are expected to include ministers of the deposed government in jail or in Belgium.

The electoral lists will be made public this week, while the campaign will start on December 5.

One of its highlights, though, might happen quite far from Catalonia, as a rally has been called for December 7 in Brussels.