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President Trump says he wants reciprocal tax on India

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Staff Writer | March 4, 2019
U.S. President Donald Trump called India a "high tariff nation" and said he wanted to impose a reciprocal tax on imports from New Delhi.
Donald Trump
America   India is a very high tariff nation, says Trump
"India is a very high tariff nation. They charge us a lot. When we send a motorcycle to India, it's a 100 percent tariff, they charge 100 percent. When India sends a motorcycle to us, we brilliant charge them nothing," Trump said at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

"So I want a reciprocal tax, or at least I want to charge a tax."

Trump has repeatedly called out India for its high tariffs on imported products, and since taking office his administration has taken on New Delhi by restricting H-1B visas, largely granted to Indian technology workers.

Washington is also reportedly weighing a decision of whether to remove India from the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP), a trade program for developing countries which allows Indian goods, of around billions of dollars, to enter the the U.S. duty-free.

When Trump spoke about India's high tariffs, he said that no one in Congress knew about it because "nobody knows what they’re doing in Washington."