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President Putin defends law to reinforce internet in Russia

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 22, 2019
Vladimir Putin
Russian businesses   Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin on Thursday defended a law to guarantee the work of the Internet in Russia independently from foreign factors, and rejected the efforts to manipulate legislations to prevent criticisms.

When noting the need for a national system to guarantee the work of the world wide web, Putin referred to the Chinese company Huawei and the measures taken by the United States to limit its access to Android and other programs.

Of course, I don't think the United States will dare to turn off the Internet servers to limit that service in the world, because it would be affected as well, but it can impose limitations as it did with Huawei, the president pointed out.

In order to maintain our own security, the law on the so-called Runet was approved, said the Russian president when answering a question by a blogger on the program 'Direct Line', where people from Russia and abroad post their concerns.

Putin defended another law to punish those who attempt against national symbols like the national coat of arms and flag, crimes that carries prison sentences in Europe.

However, he made it clear that the law cannot lead to manipulations or negative interpretations at any level of authorities, so that anyone can be punished for criticizing the government.

Regarding the draft bill on fake news, the Russian president said that it is possible, because news that seems to be veridical is posted on the Internet.

Putin recalled the cases when calls are made to report false explosives, as it forces authorities to evacuate transportation means and factories, causing losses. That has to be prevented, the statesman commented.

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