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Polish government adopts 'constitution for business'

Staff Writer | November 15, 2017
The Polish government passed a package of regulations on Tuesday, aim to simplify procedures for people setting up and running their own businesses.
Mariusz Haladyj
Europe   Mariusz Haladyj:
Mariusz Haladyj, Deputy Development Minister, said that these regulations detail the rights and obligations of businesses, including relations with public administration.

The new regulations, collectively referred to as a "constitution for business", introduce to business a rule that "everything which is not forbidden is allowed". It presumes entrepreneurial honesty and a principle of friendly interpretation of regulations.

Under the "constitution", any doubts will be resolved in favor of the entrepreneur.

According to these new regulations, small entrepreneurs can run their own business without a need to register it if their monthly income remains less than half the national minimum wage.

In order to encourage budding businessmen, the "constitution" exempted them from an obligation to pay social security contributions for the first six months.

Polish government prepared the project at the conference held in Rzeszow (southeastern Poland) last year. Mateusz Morawiecki, Minister of Economic Development and Finance, key figure of the "constitution", said that the program would simplify the tax system.