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Poland’s state companies refuses to import coal

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 7, 2020
Poland’s state companies will no longer buy coal in Russia, State Asset Minister Jacek Sasin said.
Jacek Sasin
Economy in Poland   State Asset Minister Jacek Sasin
"I can say that I have completed negotiations with the executives of state companies on the issue and they will no longer import coal," he told RMF FM in an interview broadcast.

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Sasin noted that this is not only about Russian coal, but also from South America, Columbia, Mozambique and the U.S.

Poland imported 18 to 19 million tonnes of coal in 2019, and Russia accounted for more than 70%.

A miners’ trade union has recently blocked a railway line in protest against Russian coal imports. Other miners’ trade unions plan a warning strike for February 17 and a street protest campaign in Warsaw demanding higher wages and an end to declining local coal output.