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Palestine to file cases against Israel for banning Palestinian exports

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 10, 2020
Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtayeh announced Monday the Palestinian Authority (PA) will file cases against Israel before the international courts for banning the Palestinians from exporting their agricultural products.
Mohammed Ishtayeh
Palestine food   Mohammed Ishtayeh
Ishtayeh's announcement was made in a press statement after he chaired the weekly cabinet meeting that was held in Ramallah.

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"The Israeli measure of banning the Palestinian exports is illegal and causes loss to the Palestinian exporting companies," Ishtayeh said.

He added that his government has initiated a series of measures to face the Israeli decision.

"The government notified our ambassadors all over the world to address the world's governments to condemn these measures and exert pressures (on Israel)," said Ishtayeh.

The Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture has announced earlier that the decision of Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett to ban Palestinian exports had come into effect on Sunday.

The ministry said that the Israeli decision to ban the exports of vegetables, fruits, dates and olive oil is political and was made in response to the PA decision of banning the imports of Israeli calves.

In response to the Israeli decision of banning the Palestinians from exporting their products, the PA banned the import of Israeli products such as vegetables, fruits, juices, soda and mineral waters.