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Palestine asks for support to enter UN

Staff Writer | January 23, 2019
Palestine representative to the UN, Riad Mansur, asked the Security Council Tuesday to support the request of his nation to enter as a full member of the multilateral organization.
Riad Mansur
Middle East   Palestine representative to the UN, Riad Mansur
He stressed that this would be of great importance in restoring the confidence and hope of the Palestinian people in their search for peace.

But this peace cannot be achieved by ignoring international law and human rights, as the Government of Israel does in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, he stressed.

"We started the year with hope," he added, "despite the fact that in 2018 we experienced situations of enormous suffering and human loss, while the occupation of Israel became more extreme and increased the repression against Palestinian civilians."

Mandour denounced once again the illegitimate measures by Israel in East Jerusalem and in the West Bank, where the construction of their settlements and the demolition of Palestinian communities continue.

The international community must guarantee the accountability of the violations and put an end to the impunity of Tel Aviv, the Palestinian ambassador demanded.

As the Secretary-General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, has pointed out, there is no plan to replace the only possible solution to this conflict: the creation of two States that can live together in peace, Mansur said.

To move forward in that regard, concrete actions are urgently needed before it is too late, he stressed.

Israel persists in its illegal practices, continues to colonize Palestinian land and this increasingly distances prospects for peace, he warned.

Tel Aviv builds its settlements in the occupied territory by mocking international and humanitarian law, and calls from the UN and the international community, he warned.

Our young people know nothing but oppression and occupation by a foreign power, civilians are denied their fundamental human rights and international protection, and acts of violence against Palestinian children, women, and men are increasing, the diplomat explained.

On the other hand, he said, the incendiary rhetoric of the Israeli authorities that encourage the construction of illegal settlements continues: most of these activities are in areas well inside the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel wants to proceed to a de facto annexation, in serious violation of international law, Mansour said.

The depth of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which has been blocked for 11 years by Israel, is another cause for great concern: how much longer will the international community tolerate this situation, the Arab diplomat questioned.

Mansur insisted on the need for urgent action - in accordance with the UN Charter and Security Council resolutions - to put an end to Israel's impunity.

Palestine assumed the presidency of the G77 plus China in January, the largest developing countries bloc in the UN, which is considered a step forward to consolidate its position within the United Nations.