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Pacific Alliance to expand relations with Asia, Mercosur, Europe

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Staff writer ▼ | July 5, 2016
The presidents of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru signed a statement committing themselves to the promotion of concrete measures within the Pacific Alliance that will expand relations with Asia.
Pacific Alliance
Cooperating   The Declaration of Puerto Varas
The Declaration of Puerto Varas, undersigned by the four presidents, brought to a close the 11th Pacific Alliance Summit.

The final declaration contains 21 points and an annex with 72 presidential orders to groups working in such areas as the environment, migration, trade, tourism, intellectual property and more.

Presidents Michelle Bachelet of Chile, Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico and Ollanta Humala of Peru agreed to continue building integration in the bloc “through concrete actions that will strengthen the growth of social, economic and sustainable development” in order to provide citizens with a better life.

The statement also included the leaders’ intention to drive relations with Asia-Pacific countries forward with the goal of establishing a framework of cooperation with the Association of South-East Asian Nations.

Michelle Bachelet urged the bloc to expand integration efforts to Mercosur, the other Latin American alliance, to obtain greater benefits.

Also attending the Business summit were several European Union member-states who are observers to the Pacific Alliance and said the EU and the Alliance should “work with commitment” to move forward in the educational realm.