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Politics: Page 1077

Singapore, U.S. to reach agreement on information sharing
SingaporeMay 15, 2013 ET
Singapore is close to agreement with the U.S. that will help its financial institutions comply with a rule requiring them to share information about overseas accounts held by American citizens.
Europe, USA and Canada together on Atlantic
Atlantic OceanMay 15, 2013 ET
The European Commission adopted an Action Plan to revitalise the marine and maritime economy in the Atlantic Ocean Area.
New York's $1.8 billion for Sandy approved
New York CityMay 13, 2013 ET
New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced that federal approval had been given to the city's plan for $1.77 billion for Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.
EU to make cross-border banking easier
European Union banksMay 13, 2013 ET
Single market legislation has ensured that banks can operate throughout the European Union but citizens are often unable to open an account in another member state or to easily switch banks.
Germany wants better control of managers' salaries
GermanyMay 9, 2013 ET
The German government plans to give company shareholders a greater power of decision about managerial salaries. The proposal follows a similar measure approved by voters in Switzerland.
Canada: US-proposed border fees are against both countries
US Canada borderMay 7, 2013 ET
Canadian manufacturers and politicians are protesting after the U.S. Department of Agriculture proposed new measures that could result in higher costs at the borders.
Norway to increase taxes on oil companies
Norway oilMay 7, 2013 ET
The government of Norway said it would increase taxes on oil companies and multinationals to finance tax relief to its mainland industry.
Directors in Ireland not satisfied with government
Institute of Directors in Ireland (IoD)May 3, 2013 ET
Research by the Institute of Directors in Ireland (IoD) shows that 67% of directors are not satisfied with the government's efforts to support business growth.
Qatar and Canada in fight for ICAO headquarters
International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)May 2, 2013 ET
Canada is trying to fend off an offer by Qatar to move the headquarters of the UN's International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) from Montreal to Doha.
EU cuts apple import from other countries
ApplesMay 1, 2013 ET
The European Commission decision on lowering the maximum residue level (MRL) of diphenylamine (DPA) in apples in fact means the cut of all import from the U.S. and other countries.
Big victory for European eco, health activists
BeeApril 30, 2013 ET
The European Commission will roll out the ban across all 27 member states at the end of the year, after scientific studies showed that three kinds of pesticides damaged the bee population.
EU tightens control, Kenyan beans export falls 25%
Kenyan peas and beansApril 19, 2013 ET
European Union increased controls on Kenyan peas and beans and the results is 25% decrease in sales.