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Mitsubishi Heavy willing to build submarines for Australia

Staff writer ▼ | February 15, 2016
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has expressed a willingness to construct Australia's next-generation submarines entirely in-country.
Shunichi Miyanaga
Defense industry   Australia is to spend more than $35.6 billion on subs
The company "will be happy to oblige" if asked to build all of the new vessels in the country, president Shunichi Miyanaga told a news conference.

Australia is expected to spend more than $35.6 billion on the project. Mitsubishi Heavy, which constructed Soryu-class submarines for Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force, has been bidding with the Japanese government.

The Japanese team's strength is "reliability and performance that have been proven with the Soryu," Miyanaga said.

I conveyed our desire and determination to take part in this important long-term project" to politicians and defense industry officials, Miyanaga said.