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Minister Schultz puts self-driving car on the European agenda

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Staff writer ▼ | November 25, 2015
Dutch Infrastructure and the Environment Minister Schultz van Haegen is going to put the developments involving self-driving vehicles on the European agenda for the first half of 2016.
Schultz van Haegen
Ecology   Dutch minister push for new technologies
The Minister seeks to boost collaboration at the European level and focuses, among other things, on amending the Vienna Convention. This European convention still features a clause stipulating that a driver must have his or her hands on the wheel.

On Thursday and Friday, the Minister visited California, where she discussed developments concerning self-driving vehicles with various car manufacturers and Google. In these meetings, the Minister indicated that she will support these developments wherever possible.

Self-driving vehicles can be highly conducive to sustainable mobility, traffic safety and the freer circulation of traffic. In addition, self-driving vehicles offer new transport opportunities for, e.g., the elderly and inhabitants of rural areas.

During the Dutch EU chairmanship, the Minister will put this topic on the agenda of the European transport council.

In her meetings in the United States, she was interested to learn what market parties require from the government, for example in terms of new legislation, and also deregulation, in order to enable the introduction of self-driving vehicles on an international scale.