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Minister: Food in Norway is very expensive

Staff writer ▼ | August 12, 2015
Norwegian Food and Agriculture Minister Sylvi Listhaug thinks food has become too expensive in recent months.
Norway food
Europe   Food in Norway has become 5.4 percent more expensive
A weaker Norwegian krone can probably explain some of this, but there is every reason for consumers to keep up with inflation, Listhaug said to Aftenposten.

According to Statistics Norway food in Norway has become 5.4 percent more expensive in the last four months.

Food prices rose sharply also last summer when food prices rose by 3.2 percent in just one month. Since then Listhaug followed the grocery market closely. Now she works legistlations on good trade practice, writes NTB.

She points out that Norway has just three grocery chains and the government has every reason to follow the competition closely. In addition, she emphazies on the need of strong concentration on the supply chain.

The company Asko, owned by Norway Group, is currently the largest supplier of food to grocery operators, hotels, restaurants and kiosks.