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Mexican President calls for serenity facing gasoline problems

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LatAm   Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called on citizens to act serenely before the gas distribution problem and denied the country had stopped buying the fuel abroad.

On the contrary, new contracts have been signed and we are buying cheaper gasoline because world prices are falling, so it is not true what is being said, there is a lot of disinformation and we ask people to trust us.

He said pleased that Tuesday was the day of less fuel stolen as only 27 tank trucks were stolen from one thousand a day previously. Each pipe contains some 20 thousand liters of fuel, about billions of pesos, he said.

He committed to report daily on this issue and asked for the support of all citizens. The president also confirmed investigations are carried out to determine the responsibility of persons suspected of committing the thefts and all is in the hands of the Judicial Power.

The government authorized to limit the sale of gasoline due to difficulties in supplying the outlets in most of the 32 states, including those of the capital, which dawned today with great jams.

The lines of cars of all types can buy up to 100-200 pesos (five to ten dollars) of any type of fuel which represents between four and ten litres depending on the quality consumed by the vehicles.

The government recommended drivers not to make panic buys and repeated there is no fuel shortage, but problems in its distribution which are expected to disappear.

Pemex announced in a communiqué that the supply will gradually be normal because there is no shortage of fuel in the capital and called citizens to keep calm. This situation, they repeated, obeys to the logistic adjustments to combat thefts.

The President assured there is a constant dialogue with Pemex director, Octavio Romero Oropeza, with the objective of reestablishing as son as possible the fuel service in the city.

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