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Mercosur parliament not happy with trade talks with EU

Staff Writer | November 4, 2016
The President of Mercosur’s parliament (Parlasur) thinks that the European Union’s current tabled offer is “unsatisfactory.”
Jorge Taiana
Negotiations   The absence of a balanced agreement
Jorge Taiana, head of the parliament, complained that the negotiations, which resumed about seven years ago, are taking far too long, but added that in the absence of a “balanced agreement”, nothing should be signed.

The lawmaker said that the EU’s offer of “small tolls on unprocessed products” and its demand that “Mercosur open up its industries and services” would negatively affect “integrated and balanced development”.

He added that he is “not optimistic that there will be progress” as a result of the economic recession that has hit Europe.

Taiana indicated that more regional measures and promotion of trade in materials and services between Latin American countries would be more viable.

In the case of Argentina, he insisted that the business relationship with Chile “will not change”, regardless of the talks going on with the EU.