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Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and Ted Cruz want to punish countries with Cuban doctors

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 21, 2020
Three U.S. senators are now proposing U.S. Government punishment for Caribbean countries that request assistance from Cuba for medical personnel.
Marco Rubio
Senators   Marco Rubio
The three senators are all members of the Republican Party. Two of them represent Florida Marco Rubio and Rick Scott and the other, Ted Cruz, is a senator from Texas.

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Senators Rubio and Cruz have strong Cuban heritage and are known to be virulently opposed to the Cuban Government. Senator Scott is a former governor of Florida and has been a senatorial representative of the state since 2019, having run a campaign wooing the significant Cuban-American population.

On June 17, the three senators introduced in the US Senate the Cut Profits to the Cuban Regime Act, which, if it is adopted, will penalise any Government, worldwide, that contracts with the Cuban Government for the provision of medical personnel. Since many Caribbean governments have such contracts with Cuba, they all stand to be targeted.

Among the measures that the Bill, sponsored by the three senators, seeks to impose are “a requirement that the Department of State publishes the list of countries that contract with the Government of Cuba for their medical missions programme”, and that the contracts be considered “as a factor in considering that country's ranking for Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report”.

In other words, these three U.S. senators are seeking to disregard the sovereign right of other countries to enter arrangements with Cuba. In any event, a principle of international law and norms is being casually disdained as if the rights of independent states do not matter.

The senators also show a remarkable indifference to the critical public health emergency confronted by all Caribbean countries, particularly now in the seemingly endless era of the coronavirus pandemic and its disastrous effects.