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Manila to introduce environmentally-friendly electric tricycles

Staff writer ▼ | February 19, 2016
The Manila local government will be rolling out electric tricycles or e-trikes, as part of its bid to promote environmentally-friendly transportation.
Electric tricycles
Electric vehicles   In the Ermita and Malate areas
City Administrator Ericson Alcovendaz explained that "the e-trikes will be initially fielded in the Ermita and Malate areas."

"Manila is the country’s show window to the world. One of the major positive results that we expect from this e-trike program is that it will boost tourist arrival."

The report noted: "An e-trike runs on gel-type batteries than can be fully charged for only 4-5 hours. It can carry up to seven passengers and has a maximum speed of 40-45 kilometer per hour (kph)."

Alcovendaz added that "the city government is not about to phase out tricycles, pedicabs and 'kuligligs (motorized bicycles).'"

He said the e-trikes "will be gradually introduced to the local transport industry in a period of years."