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Malta switches electric provision from fuel oil to gas

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Staff Writer | April 25, 2017
Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that once and for all Malta has closed the emission of heavy fuel oil by switching to natural gas.
Joseph Muscat
Energy   The switch to gas-fuelled electricity
The switch to gas-fuelled electricity, the cleanest available, has been a long-term project that has taken over four years to achieve.

The termination of fuel oil usage has been welcomed as there is cleaner air and will help Malta keep on track in reducing emissions as stipulated by the EU.

This project was linked to the biggest investment ever achieved in Malta, the one with the Shanghai Electric Power, and helped establish this switch.

He thanked Shanghai Electric Power for the partnership, which will continue to bear fruit in the years to come.

Muscat also thanked all involved including Siemens and Socar, involved in building the power station with a consortium of Maltese companies.

The provision of natural gas is provided by private company Electrogas, natural gas is piped towards the D3 unit and also to D4, a new combined cycle power plant.

Shanghai Electric Power holds 90 percent of the shares of D3 while the rest is held by Enemalta. Four units have been converted and put in commercial operation on March 1. Another 4 units' conversion is in progress.

Muscat added the roadmap leading to this moment has produced 100 million euros (109 million U.S. dollars) of surplus in the government's coffers and reduced poverty in Malta by half.

He added that the next step will be the establishment of a pipeline with Italy thus generating a fresh source of energy for Malta.