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Maduro to delegate political, social agenda to win economic battle

Staff writer ▼ | December 17, 2014
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that in the first quarter of 2015 he will delegate political and social agendas to his vice-presidents and ministers in order to win the economic battle that rages in the country.
Nicolas Maduro
Latam   All political, social and government agendas
"I am going to delegate in the first quarter of the year, all political, social and government agendas among vice-presidents and ministers, and I’m going to focus 24 hours of the day on winning the economic battle," Maduro said Monday during an official event in Caracas.

The declaration was made after a march to commemorate 15 years of the approval of the Constitution and repudiate the "imperialism" of U.S. sanctions on the nation.

Maduro affirmed that during the first three months of next year, the people will see him visiting factories, ports and fields as well as the country’s borders to defeat the criminal mafia that has caused what he called an economic war in Venezuela.

He also sought the support of the working classes, businessmen, "patriots" and the youth for his plan.

"We are going to convert 2015 into a productive year," Maduro said.

The Venezuelan government claims that it faces, among others, an economic war encouraged by the opposition, private businessmen and foreign governments seeking to destabilize Maduro and force his exit.