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Lukashenko: Belarus to repay Russia $1 billion per year on old loans

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 7, 2020
Belarus will pay Russia $1 billion per year for previous loans and will not ask for any money at all.
Alexander Lukashenko
Business in Belarus   Alexander Lukashenko
Belarus proposes honest, transparent and sincere bilateral cooperation, said Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, as cited by BelTA.

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The U.S. pays Russia “1.5% for keeping their foreign currency there” but Belarus pays 4 to 6%, Lukashenko explained: “This just couldn’t make us happier paying Russia $1 billion per year. They’ve invested their money successfully.”

The president remarked that Minsk will not be asking Moscow for any more money, because Russia’s loans were repaid last year, and were not refinanced. He said that Minsk is ready to resume cooperation, but Russia wants to “hit us on the head and bring us to our knees the Byzantine way”.

“We are ready to cooperate. However, this cooperation should be fair, transparent and bona fide. We are not asking for any additional preferences, just the same terms as they offer the West,” Lukashenko explained.