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Louisiana lawmakers ask for federal flood aid

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Staff Writer | September 16, 2016
Louisiana desperately needs money to help flood victims rebuild their lives, the state's congressional delegation and Governor John Bel Edwards said at a Senate hearing.
John Bel Edwards
Natural disaster   Louisiana needs federal help
“The overwhelming nature of this disaster pushed Louisiana’s state, parish, and local resources to the limit," Sen. David Vitter, chairman of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, said at his panel's hearing on the impact of the flood.

“Clearly, no state has the resources to address the significant amount of unmet need from this type of disaster without federal assistance."

Governor Edwards met with Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Kentucky) chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee.

“I’m quite certain Louisiana is going to get the assistance we need," Edwards said after the meeting. “The question is: How much of it do we get now and how much of it do we get in December? Of course we want it front-loaded as much as possible because the needs are so great."

Governor Edwards and other Louisiana lawmakers have called on Congress to support recovery aid, particularly $2.8 billion in Community Development Block Grants, to help communities rebuild after last month's flooding that killed 13 people and damaged tens of thousands of homes and businesses.