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Lavrov: Someone wants to destroy our good relations with Europe

Staff Writer | February 17, 2018
The Russian Federation and its President are interested in seeing confusion and uncertainty that are now arising in the European Union to be stopped, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, Euronews reported.
Sergey Lavrov
Trade relations   The need for energy resources is growing
"We want to see Europe strong and stable, it is our largest trade and economic partner, and despite the known negative consequences of the last three years, Europe remains our largest partner and investment partner, and of course, we want this structure – the European Union – to develop steadily and predictably," he said.

"The need for energy resources is growing in Europe. Those needs can be satisfied with the projects that we are now discussing with our European counterparts, the Nord Stream 2 and the Turkish Stream.

"By the way, last year Gazprom had a record increase in supplying Europe with an unprecedented volume (of gas), and so all this talk about the necessity of avoiding the dependence on Russian gas, is exclusively a political game, the goal of which is to artificially destroy our natural economic partnership," Lavrov noted.