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Kremlin not considering introduction of China’s firewall equivalent

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Staff Writer | April 20, 2018
Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has heard nothing about any plans the Kremlin might be considering to launch an equivalent of China’s firewall that would allow for isolating the Russian segment of the world web Runet from the global network.
Dmitry Peskov
Technology   The implementation of the law takes time
"No, I’ve not heard anything about that," the spokesman said when asked if the Russian authorities were going to introduce a system of filters that would make it possible to control Internet traffic the way China does.

Peskov also said that Russia’s telecom and media watchdog has not discredited itself by temporarily failing to block the Telegram messaging service as it will take time to implement this decision.

"Clearly, the implementation of the law takes time, one should understand that it cannot be done in one day," TASS cited him as saying.