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Korea calls on North Korea to cooperate in giving notification of release of dam water

Christian Fernsby ▼ | August 7, 2020
The unification ministry urged North Korea to cooperate in sharing information on natural disasters, days after the communist country discharged water from a border dam without prior notice in violation of an inter Korean agreement.
Korea border dam
Dam   Korea border dam
On Monday, the North partially opened the floodgates of Hwanggang Dam on the western inter-Korean border and sent water into the Imjin River, a move that put authorities here on alert against a potential rise in water levels in the South.

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"The water level at Pilseung Bridge rose twice last night and exceeded 5 meters," Yoh Sang-key, the ministry's spokesperson, said in a regular press briefing.

"Even if inter-Korean relations turn sour politically and militarily, we look forward to cooperation at its elementary form by exchanging information on natural disasters, as it is a nonpolitical and humanitarian issue," he said. "It has a direct impact on the lives of North and South Korean residents."

"Neighboring countries around the world also cooperate by exchanging information on disasters. We, as one nation, have no reason not to," he added.