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Kazakhstan to buy new aircraft, repair number of airports

Staff Writer | January 24, 2018
Kazakhstan plans to repair a number of regional airfields and purchase new aircraft, the country's minister for Investments and Development Zhenis Kasymbek said at a meeting of the Kazakh government.
Kazakhstan aircraft
Air traffic   "We need more regional-class aircraft"
"We intend to build and reconstruct 5 aerodromes with a hard surface and 11 airfields with a ground covering for the development of airfields of local air lines.

"Financing of these projects will be provided at the expense of the state budget. We also need more regional-class aircraft to restore flights of local airlines," the press service of the ministry cited him as saying.

According to him, they plan to purchase new aircraft with a capacity of up to 20 seats with two engines and the possibility of rapid reconfiguration (30-40 minutes) between the sanitary-passenger and transport version.

"The average cost of one aircraft of this type is 2.2 billion tenge," Kasymbek stressed.

The small aviation projects, planned to be implemented in Kazakhstan in the next few years are expected to require 23 billion tenge.