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Italian military to grow marijuana

Staff writer ▼ | September 20, 2014
Italy is to grow medical marijuana to make it easily available to the sick but it will be grown at a secure military lab.
Italy marijuana
Good move   To make it easily available to the sick
The laboratory already produces "orphan" drugs no longer made by large pharmaceutical companies that are needed to treat rare diseases, said Defence Minister Roberta Pinotti after signing an agreement with Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin. "The institute already produces some medicines. And we can guarantee security conditions."

MS. Lorenzin said she wanted to "debunk all the cultural or ideological myths" about using certain drugs in health care."

"We already allow the use of drugs in medical treatment that are opiate or cocaine derivatives, and now we’ll use cannabis. Recreational drug use is harmful. But cannabis can be used to help treat certain pathologies or alleviate pain."

Possessing, selling and growing marijuana are illegal in Italy, which now imports all of its medical supplies of the drug, mostly from the Netherlands.