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Irish Farmers Association: Minister must open new beef markets

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Staff writer ▼ | August 12, 2015
Irish Farmers Association (IFA) President Eddie Downey said the announcements from the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney on access to new beef markets to the U.S. and China must be turned into real delivery.
Eddie Downey
Irish farmers   Eddie Downey of Ireland wants government do more
Speaking at the AIB National Livestock Show in Tullamore Co Offaly, Downey said Minister Coveney needs to take action now on removing the technical obstacles holding back exports to these new markets in order to deal with increased cattle numbers in the pipeline for 2017 and to prevent a repeat of the severe beef price and income problems of 2014, The Cattle Site reports.

He said there must be real delivery on getting real access to new markets. The IFA President said it was very clear from the recent Beef Forum meeting that a lot more work needs to be done in getting more beef plants approved for export to the US.

In addition, the Forum was also told that Ireland is still working on clearance for manufacturing beef exports to the U.S., with Minister Coveney saying he is confident of delivering access for manufacturing beef to the US in the next number of months.

Eddie Downey said Minister Coveney also needs to make progress on a number of other important beef issues including increasing the age limit for prime cattle from 30 to 36 months, increased monitoring of carcase trim at the meat plants, more live exports, market transparency, and using the Department AIMS system to count relevant residencies.