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Iran to be regional hub, export electricity to EU

Staff writer ▼ | June 17, 2016
Deputy Energy Minister for planning and economic affairs Alireza Daemi said that exporting electricity to Europe is on agenda of the ministry in the context of Economy of Resistance.
Energy trade   The agenda for exporting electricity from Iran
Daemi told IRNA that the Energy Ministry plans to introduce Iran as a regional hub for energy.

He said that electricity would be exported when fuel turns to electric energy, so gas price should be determined, which is not decisive yet for private sector and after that the model for business would observed.

He underlined that to implement Iran's agenda for exporting electricity in future years, it needs to change its transmission network.

Daemi said that Iran envisaged projects for exchange of electricity with seven countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan Republic, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic.

Because of insecurity in the region, export of electricity to Iraq and several neighboring countries in east and west of Iran has been ceased, but for other customers it continues.

He said that annually 11 to 12 billion kilowatts electricity is exchanging between Iran and seven neighboring countries which have land border with Iran, eight billion of the amount is being exported.

Daemi added that the northern neighbors need electricity in winter and the southern neighbors demand electricity in summer, also differences in peak time in the eastern and western neighbors are opportunities for Iran to exchange electricity with them.

Energy minister said that Iran has drawn up plan in line with conventions to export a huge amount of gas and electricity to European states.