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Iran: Over 2.5 million public employees to stay home

Christian Fernsby ▼ | March 25, 2020
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani Wednesday announced that 2.5 million public employees will stay home and only health workers and other essential officials will remain in office.
Hassan Rouhani
President   Hassan Rouhani
"This is so because we must supply water, energy, and food, as well as transport agricultural products, preserve the production of goods, and satisfy key needs," Rouhani explained.

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The Iranian president also indicated that fortunately there are enough beds, intensive care units, doctors, and nurses in many cities and provinces. Nevertheless, he asked the population to cooperate in stopping the pandemic.

“Our people must know that strict measures are aimed at protecting their lives. We recognize that abiding by them will be difficult but there is no other alternative,” Rouhani said.

“We are dealing with the first wave of the disease and we could have another one in the coming days. We must handle it at any cost.”​​​​​​​