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India rejects WTO push for new global e-commerce rules

Staff Writer | October 18, 2017
India has rejected fresh efforts led by the European Union (EU), Japan, Canada and Australia to negotiate new global e-commerce rules under the aegis of the World Trade Organization (WTO).
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During an informal meeting at the WTO, the EU, Canada, Australia, Chile, Korea, Norway and Paraguay, among other countries, circulated a restricted draft ministerial decision to establish “a working party” at the upcoming WTO ministerial meeting in Buenos Aires and authorizing it to “conduct preparations for and carry out negotiations on trade-related aspects of electronic commerce on the basis of proposal by Members”.

India fears that new rules could provide unfair market access to foreign companies, hurting the rapidly growing domestic e-commerce platforms.

A key demand by the developed countries is to make permanent the current ban on customs duties on global electronic transactions—they were suspended in 1998.