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Haiti suspends all payments to private energy company Electric Company

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 11, 2020
Haitian Finance Minister Joseph Jouthe yesterday said that the government will suspend the subsidies to the Electric Company (EDH) worth about 7 million dollars per month.
Joseph Jouthe
Business in Haiti   Joseph Jouthe
According to Jouthe, the government is envisaging the state-run energy company can directly get loans from banking institutions.

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'In the last three months, the Haitian government has not given any subsidy to EDH. No help has been granted. This story is a case closed,' Jothue stated at a press conference.

In recent years, EDH has been facing up several pitfalls regarding revenue rising, despite various awareness campaigns taking place in Haiti.

The EDH General Director, Jean Nicolas Hervé Pierre-Louis, set out that his company really needs 1.1 billion gourdes (about 12 million dollars) per month. However, EDH´s incomes do not exceed 450 million gourdes (around 5 million dollars).

At present, several sectors owe over 230 million dollars to EDH, mainly the residential one, with 60% of that amount.

Nevertheless, Hervé stated that the EDH is unable to pay off fuel for electricity generation, and is expecting the Government to provide the necessary amount.