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Green Party in UK promises £100,000,000,000 a year for climate change

Christian Fernsby ▼ | November 6, 2019
The Green Party in the UKhas kicked off its election campaign by promising to invest £100 billion a year in tackling climate change, saying it will turn the entire UK carbon neutral by 2030.
Amelia Womack
Britain   Amelia Womack
Amelia Womack, the party’s deputy leader, made the announcement and said the investment would be part of a ‘Green New Deal’ to ‘rebuild the country’.

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Ms Womack added that it will be the ‘biggest public investment in decades’ towards tackling climate change and that ‘this moment demands nothing less’.

Co-leader Sian Berry said: ‘We know these are dark times… the threat of Brexit hangs over our heads, the climate emergency rages, and our fragile democracy is under attack’.

She called on voters to make the December 12 a ‘climate election’.

The party also says it will borrow more than £900 billion over the next decade in a bid to rid the UK of fossil fuels.

It plans to service the huge debt by hiking corporation tax by 5 per cent, which will be used to build 100,000 energy-efficient homes a year and upgrade national transport infrastructure.