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Government of Canada invests in green jobs for youth

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Staff Writer | August 25, 2017
By investing in green jobs for today's youth, the Government of Canada is helping tackle climate change and ensuring Canada's long-term competitiveness on the world stage.
Catherine McKenna
Canada   Up to $15,000 in wage subsidies
Giving Canadian youth a real and fair chance at success means helping them get the skills and training they need to get good jobs now as part of the clean-growth economy.

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, announced that the Government of Canada will invest more than $14 million, which will help Canadian youth get valuable work experience.

This year, Environment and Climate Change Canada will take the full funding amount and invest it with employers to hire over 950 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics graduates across the country through the Science Horizons Youth Internship Program.

Eligible employers can receive up to $15,000 in wage subsidies to hire an intern.