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France bans all ivory and rhino horn trade

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Ségolène Royal
Nature   France goes far beyond the EU wildlife trade regulation

The French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal has signed a decree banning the trade in ivory and rhino horn in France and all overseas French territories.

This follows an earlier French governmental move to suspend re-exports of elephant ivory.

The French ban goes far beyond the current EU wildlife trade regulations, and comes weeks ahead of the next meeting of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Humane Society International/Europe's executive director Joanna Swabe said: "We warmly salute the French Government for taking decisive action to halt the cruel trade in elephant ivory and rhino horn.

"The demand for these wildlife products has led to a poaching epidemic that has not only decimated elephant and rhino populations across Africa and Asia, but which also helps to fund organised crime and terrorism.

The French measures goes far beyond the current EU wildlife trade regulations that permit the trade in ivory procured before 1947.

The French decree includes provisions to ban the trade and commercial use of raw ivory, plus the production of artefacts using ivory, irrespective of its age. It also prohibits both the restoration and sale of ivory products bought after July 1975, even if they were purchased legally.

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