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Foreigners now need permit to be hired in Romania

Staff writer ▼ | August 4, 2014
Foreigners will be able to find jobs or be transferred to Romania based on a permit, which the employer will need to obtain from the Romanian Immigration Office.
Romaina worker
Foreign workforce   New rules in the European country
This is according to a law project created through the collaboration of the Internal and Foreign Affairs Ministers, Mediafax reports.

The law pertaining to the employment and transfer of foreigners has already been approved by the Labour Ministry, the Justice Ministry and the Romanian Service Of Information.

The permit will not be necessary for foreigners with free access on Romania’s labor market, established through treaties with other countries. Certain work fields are also except from the measure such as education, science, arts and culture, public work or administration for the state. Also exempt are foreigners that are named in charge of local branches.

Other categories of people from other countries the permit will not be mandatory for individuals that have already received rights for long term stay or temporary stay for studies; and individuals that received political asylum.

Foreigners that came to study in Romania will be able to be employed without a permit but only for part-time jobs.