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Farmers in Scotland set for subsidy boost

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Staff writer ▼ | November 29, 2014
Scottish farmers and crofters are set to receive a cash injection in the New Year as part of a 69 million pounds refund to the UK from the European Commission.
Scottish farmers
In the New Year   Good news for farmers
According to the Scottish Government, this will result in an average boost of 670 per Scots farm business. The money had been taken away from farmers’ subsidy support payments, for those claiming more than 2,000 euros, to create an European agricultural crisis fund.

In total, the European Commission will refund a total of 688 million pounds to all member states.

According to UK farm ministry Defra, the Scottish Government’s share of the 69 million pounds UK rebate represents just over 18% of the pot, or 12.45 million pounds in monetary terms.

English farmers will receive the bulk of the money at 44.75 million pounds, while those in Northern Ireland will get 5.63 million pounds and farmers in Wales will get 6.14 million pounds.

The Defra spokesman said: “As the crisis fund was not all needed, the money can be distributed back so SPS payments – again, only those with claims above 2,000 euros.”

He said English farmers would receive the extra cash alongside their subsidy payments in December.

The Scottish Government said its share of the rebate was 12.2 million pounds, 250,000 pounds less than the figures provided by Defra.