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Dutch minister calls firms back to the Netherlands

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Staff writer ▼ | August 22, 2014
Ministers are urging Dutch companies to bring manufacturing back to the Netherlands, social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher has told MPs in a briefing.
Lodewijk Asscher
Reshoring   Between 1% and 2% of companies are bringing jobs back
Mr. Asscher says between 1% and 2% of companies which have moved manufacturing and other labour intensive services abroad are now bringing them back to the Netherlands, a process known as reshoring.

Some 14% of Dutch firms have shifted work abroad, the minister said, quoting a TNS Nipo survey. Reasons to return to the Netherlands include rising wage costs in other countries, cultural differences, quality issues and the difficulty of managing processes from a distance, the survey showed.

In his briefing, the minister stresses the advantages of locating in the Netherlands, including the well-educated workforce, good infrastructure and health service. There are also numerous incentives and sector-specific campaigns. The government has made boosting employment levels one of its key priorities for next year.