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Divided Scottish Parliament votes in favor of new referendum on independence

Christian Fernsby ▼ | January 30, 2020
The government's proposal to get power to hold a new referendum on Scotland's independence was backed by parliament, National reported.
Nicola Sturgeon
Living in Scotland   Nicola Sturgeon
A majority of MPs (64 to 54) voted in favor of the proposal, arguing that "a referendum must be held for the people of Scotland to decide whether it wants to become an independent state".

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Because Scotland is part of the United Kingdom, they believe they are being forced to leave the EU against their will.

The Scottish Government has proposed a new referendum later this year, but will have to get Westminster's authority to hold it something Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to block.

During the debate, the first minister said a second independence vote was needed to protect Scotland from the consequences of the Conservative government and Brexit. Two days before Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon said independence was the only real way for Scotland to be part of Europe.

"The significance of today's debate should not be underestimated. It takes place just two days before Scotland and the rest of the UK are taken out of the EU, and the vote of the Scottish Parliament will be noticed around Europe and beyond."

"Given what the Tories are offering, the independence decision is not just legal it is necessary," she said.

Sturgeon referred to the British government ministers, accusing them of being "completely deaf to Scotland's interests, needs and voice".