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Czech government to gradually opens country

Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 16, 2020
The Czech government has unveiled a phased-out plan for easing the coronavirus restrictions in the coming weeks.
Czech Republic
The plan   Czech Republic
The plan was presented by the Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček. It is still a draft version, this means that certain dates can be shifted if the situation in the country gets worse.

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Czechs will continue to be required to wear masks for the time being, Health Minister Adam Vojtech said. His deputy, Roman Prymula, added that now “a person with the virus infects less than one person on average” and that the epidemic is in decline, Reuters reported.

April 20

– Car shows
– Car boot sales
– Professional athletes will be able to train in public
– Weddings up to 10 people (with specific hygienic measures in place)
– Farmers markets
– Craftsmen and their workshops (e.g. locksmiths, shoe repair shops, joiners etc.)

April 27

– Stores up to 200 square meters (except those in shopping centers)

May 11

– Stores up to 1000 square meters (except those in shopping centers)
– Driving schools
– Gyms and fitness centres but the showers and dressing rooms within them will be off limits.

May 25

– Restaurants, bars, and cafes, with service from windows or in gardens.
– Hairdressers
– Beauty salons
– Tanning salons
– Museums, galleries, exhibition halls
– Zoological gardens (outdoor parts only)

June 8

– Shopping center
– Restaurants, cafes, and bars
– Hotels, hostels, (including their restaurants)
– Theaters
– Castles and palaces
– Bookstores
– Cinemas and theaters
– It will be possible to hold events for up to 50 people
– Tattoo and piercing salons


Schools will also open gradually. University entrance exams are scheduled for June, and if the development of the disease permits, schools will open for school leavers on May 11th, and younger schoolchildren (including kindergartens) on May 25th.

The Ministry of Education expects the first school-leaving examinations after June 1st. Admission exams for secondary schools will also take place in June, and for the last month of the school year, pupils at the second level of primary schools and secondary school students outside the final year can return to school for classes or consultations.

Pre-schools, nurseries (mateřské školy)

Were not closed by a government order, therefore their reopening is primarily up to their owners

However, they will be allowed to open only if they can comply with conditions set by the Ministry of Health.

According to the Education Minister reopening by the 25th of May is realistic, but ultimately not up to the ministry, as per the above.