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Czech Government increases funding for fruit in schools

Staff writer ▼ | September 16, 2015
In 2014, the Czech Republic's State aid programme for "Fruits and Vegetables in Schools" supplied 40 million crowns, 1.48 million euros.
Czech school
Public health   Agricultural Intervention Fund:
This year's contribution from the European Union will be about 17 million crowns (627,994 euros) lower, and therefore the state will increase its own by just about 20 million crowns (738,816 euros).

Overall the budget for this year's programme will increase by 3 million crowns (110,822 euros) as reported by the spokesperson of the State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SAIF), Vladimira Novakova.

Last year, the EU provided 150.5 million crowns (5.56 million euros) to the programme and the Czech Republic another 40 million (1.48 million euros).

This year, the EU's contribution will be of 134.2 million crowns (4.96 million euros), while the Czech Republic will pay 60 million crowns (2.22 million euros).

Under this programme, primary school pupils receive free fruit, vegetables and processed products. Schools will be able to apply up until 25 September.

The number of registered schools and pupils will be known on 20 October. Last year, 509,000 students benefited from the programme, which was 96% of all children in the first grade.