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Cyprus, Israel, Greece plan joint gas pipe to Europe

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Staff writer ▼ | February 1, 2016
Cyprus, Israel and Greece agreed on several projects including preparing a plan for a joint pipeline to carry natural gas to Europe.
Cyprus energy
Cooperation   Anastasiades, Netanyahu and Tsipras
They set a target of obtaining tangible results within six months.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and the Prime Ministers of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Greece, Alexis Tsipras, met at their first ever tripartite meeting.

A joint declaration said they agreed to strengthen cooperation between their countries, saying it was open to others joining in promoting co-operation and peace in the region.

It added the three countries were examining practical means of cooperating and implementing joint projects and synergies in the fields of energy, tourism, research and technology, environment, water management, migration, and combating terrorism.

Cyprus and Greece are involved in a similar tripartite cooperation project with Egypt, which Jordan has said it was interested in joining.

Netanyahu said after the meeting that among the subjects discussed was the construction of a pipeline carrying natural gas from offshore Israeli and Cypriot gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean to Cyprus and then to Europe via Greece.

A joint committee was tasked with carrying out a feasibility study for the pipe.

Israel has discovered large quantities of natural gas in two offshore fields and Cyprus has tapped a field containing an estimated 4.5 trillion cubic feet (127 billion cubic meters) of natural gas in its continental shelf.

More exploratory drillings in Cyprus's exclusive economic zone for gas and possibly oil are planned by energy companies such as Italian ENI and French Total over the next two years.

Netanyahu said an underwater cable would link the power grids of Israel, Cyprus and Greece.