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Country that controls all aspects of people's lives launches data security initiative

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 8, 2020
China will launch a data security initiative that can serve as a global standard for data security, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said via video at an international seminar on 'Seizing digital opportunities for cooperation and development' on Tuesday in Beijing.
Foreign Minister Wang Yi
Chinese   Foreign Minister Wang Yi
In his keynote speech, Wang also noted that the Chinese government will not ask Chinese companies to transfer overseas data to the government in breach of other countries' laws.

ccording to Wang, China's initiative includes eight suggestions. China suggests that states handle data security in a comprehensive, objective and evidence-based manner and stand against activities that use data to conduct activities that undermine other states' national security and public interests.

China also calls on states to oppose mass surveillance against other states and not request domestic companies to store data generated and obtained overseas in their own territory.

States should respect the sovereignty, jurisdiction and governance of data of other states and any bilateral data access agreement between two states should not infringe upon the judicial sovereignty and data security of a third state, Wang said.

Products and services providers should not install backdoors in their products and services to illegally obtain users' data, control or manipulate users' systems and devices, and ICT companies should not seek illegitimate interests by taking advantage of users' dependence on their products, nor force users to upgrade their systems and devices, according to Wang.