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Commission approves €7.6 billion Italian tax schemes for self-employed workers

Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 28, 2020
The European Commission has approved four Italian aid schemes to support companies and self-employed workers affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
Italy opens
Aid   Italy opens
The four measures, which are part of a wider Italian support package included in the so-called “Decreto Rilancio”,were approved.

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Under the schemes, which will be open to companies and self-employed workers, support will take the form of:

A partial waiver of the regional tax on production activities (IRAP) for companies and self-employed workers with revenues not exceeding €250 million in 2019 active in all sectors with some exceptions (such as banks and other financial institutions).

An exemption from the municipal tax (IMU) in relation to touristic properties used for commercial operations, including SPAs and sea resorts;

Tax credits to support the adaptation of production processes and work places to the new sanitary requirements;

Tax credits for certain companies and self-employed workers depending on level of revenues in relation to rents and leases for non-residential properties and business leases for the period between March and June 2020.