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China weighs disregarding British passports for Hong Kong citizens

Christian Fernsby ▼ | July 23, 2020
China on Thursday said that it plans to disregard the validity of the British Overseas Passport held by 350,000 Hong Kong citizens, in response to the United Kingdom's decision to grant them residence in five years and citizenship.
Wang Wenbin
British Overseas   Wang Wenbin
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin said that China strongly rejects that initiative by London, because it interferes in its internal affairs, and violates international law and bilateral agreements.

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According to the British Government, the measure will come into force in January 2021 and will also benefit 2.6 million relatives of the holders of the British Overseas Passport if they arrive in the UK to study or work.

London's move is another snag in relations with Beijing, after yielding to pressures from the United States last week, when it revoked the participation of Huawei in the deployment of the 5G mobile technology.

In addition, the British Government has criticized China's antiterrorist program in the autonomous Uygur province of Xinjiang, and ended the extradition treaty with Hong Kong, in retaliation for the approval of a security law for that Chinese territory.