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China delays electric car quota until 2019

Staff Writer | September 29, 2017
China announced that it would delay until 2019 the enactment of a quota requiring automakers to produce a minimum number of electric cars after some foreign firms and Germany raised concerns.
China electric car quota
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Beijing announced plans earlier this month to phase out petrol vehicles by an unspecified date, but it has also been preparing rules to impose production quotas on car companies.

China had released in June a draft regulation that would have imposed from next year a complex credit system for companies to dedicate a portion of their production to new-energy vehicles—electric and hybrids.

But the rules will now be applied from 2019, the industry and information technology ministry said.

Under the system, all types of vehicles will receive a certain number of credits, with green cars getting more points. A company's total credit score will be calculated based on its annual sales.

According to the new rules, electric and hybrid vehicles will have to account for at least 10 percent of a company's total credit score in 2019, rising to 12 percent in 2020. â–