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China defends protection of intellectual property rights

Staff Writer | August 30, 2018
Chinese Prime Minister, Li Keqiang, stressed the importance of protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as cornerstone of a market economy and a must to achieve innovative development, highlights today the local media.
Li Keqiang
Asia   Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang
Li made those observations during a meeting with director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Francis Gurry, who participated in the high-level conference on IPR for the countries of the Belt and Route project.

In the context of a new round of the scientific and technological revolution and the process of economic transformation of developing countries, innovation has become ever more the main boosting force in these nations, said the PM.

In Li's opinion, safeguarding the IPR is protecting innovation and enthusiasm of innovating talent, reason why China will adopt a more strict protection system and improve even more the laws and regulations related to the issue, amid a critical phase of expansion and improvement of its economy.

Beijing will treat all national and foreign enterprises equally and will give equal protection, while China will never allow obligatory technology transfer, he stressed.

The Chinese leader also expressed the wish of the Asian giant to deepen even more its cooperation with WIPO and keep the support to this organization's work in order to jointly promoting the construction of international rules for the IPR that are open, inclusive, balanced and effective.

According to state news agency Xinhua, Gurry stressed the success of China over the last 40 years to establish

a high-level system for protection of the IPR, which considers intellectual property as the boosting force of innovation and economic development.

The executive recognized Beijing for rising in the classification of the Global Index of Innovation 2018 and expressed his confidence in the next advances of the Asian nation.

The WIPO is ready to deepen even more its cooperation with China, maintain multilateralism and face together the challenges, he added.