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Bulgaria, Romania sign MoU to proceed with BRUA gas link project

Staff Writer | October 3, 2017
Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to proceed with implementation of BRUA gas link project, Romanian media reported.
BRUA gas link
Energy   A reverse-flow gas interconnection
Under the memorandum signed in Bucharest, all countries have agreed on a reverse-flow gas interconnection, Romanian news agency Actmedia quoted the country's energy minister, Toma Petcu, as saying.

Romania has issued a building permit for the BRUA project on its territory and has conducted procedures for assigning the construction works, the energy minister added.

The BRUA project is developed in the context of the necessity to diversify the gas supply sources of the European countries, the transmission to the Central European markets of the Caspian Sea gas, the ensuring in the Bulgarian direction of a bidirectional transmission capacity of 1.5 bcm per year and the development of a transmission capacity of 1.75 bcm per year in phase I and 4.4 bcm Per year in phase II in the Hungarian direction. The pipeline will have a total length of 528 km.