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Brazilian minister of finance sees recovery of income levels

Staff writer ▼ | March 21, 2016
Nelson Barbosa, minister of Finance, said that one of the main challenges faced by the government in the recovery of the economy is to stabilize the income level of Brazilians and that this should happen until the middle of the year.
Nelson Barbosa
Brazil   The income should increased until the middle of the year
In the event in Sao Paulo, organized by magazine Carta Capital, he also said that, after income stabilization, it should grow, which will be seen already at the end of 2016.

Barbosa noticed also that outlooks for the Brazilian economy are still “uncertain” and that there’s a challenge of stabilizing the economy in the fiscal, international, inflation control, income and employment sectors.

According to information from Agência Brasil, he also said that the current scenario is troubled and that the improvement in the economic situation will help the political one and vice versa.