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Best is yet to come to Bolivia, minister says

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Staff Writer | January 27, 2019
The new Bolivian Minister of Economy, Luis Arce, said that "the best is yet to come", because the national economy will begin to gather in the coming years the results of investments made to industrialize raw materials.
Luis Arce
LatAm   Minister Luis Arce
It is a model for future generations, our children, grandchildren, because many times we believe that what is already being done is the only thing that will be done, but no, the best is yet to come, we have been working for many years and We are going to start looking at the results over the next few years, he assured to RTP television.

The return to the Ministry, after leaving office for health problems, aims to consolidate the process of industrialization in the country, not only natural gas, but also steel with the project of Mutún, lithium or electric power, among others, Arce added.

He also said the development of tourism in Bolivia should be strengthened more strongly, which in recent years has already shown some expansion, but in his opinion, should be expanded.

The current model is working well. Adjustments I do not think there is, but deepening, many things have been left undone and that is what I have to finish doing to consolidate it, he said.

The community and productive economic model that the Government has been facing since 2006, and that will deepen its management, seeks to guarantee the growth of the country in favor of the new generations, with a long-term and sustainable development, Arce concluded.