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Austria to sue over Hungary nuclear plant expansion

Staff Writer | October 14, 2017
Austria said it would launch a lawsuit against the European Union's approval of the Russian-financed expansion of a nuclear plant in Hungary.
nuclear plant in Hungary
Nuclear energy   "I strictly reject the expansion"
The approval, granted in March, removes the last major obstacle to the 12.5 billion euro ($13.2 billion) expansion of the Paks plant, Hungary's only nuclear facility.

"I strictly reject the expansion of the Paks nuclear plant," Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern said in a statement.

"Even the European Commission has concluded in its report that the expansion of this nuclear plant will never be profitable without massive state subsidies."

Kern did not specify when the complaint would be filed with the European Court of Justice, but said lawyers were currently checking the government's complaint.

Built with Soviet-era technology in the 1980s during Hungary's communist period, the plant outside Budapest currently provides around 40 percent of its electricity needs.

The construction of two new reactors is part of a 2014 deal struck between Hungary's right-wing Prime Minister Victor Orban and ally Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The work, to be carried out be Moscow's state-owned Rosatom, is set to more than double the plant's capacity.